2014 Guest Artists



In late 2009, the dancers and choreographers Bärbel Stenzenberger and Olaf Reinecke founded Tanzkompanie bo komplex. Under their leadership they created six full-length productions to date, as well as several short pieces that were performed at various festivals locally and abroad.


In 2010 and 2013 they were invited as the only German choreographers to the international choreography competition „No Ballet“ in Ludwigshafen. Also in 2013 Bärbel Stenzenberger was the only choreographer nominated by the independent scene for the German Dance Prize „Zukunft (Future)“.


In the 2012/13 survey for tanznetz.de, Bärbel Stenzenberger received the choreography award and Olaf Reinecke received a dancer award.


In January 2014 they were awarded the Mäuseorden for their contributions to the culture and traditions of the city of Bonn.




In June 2012, Salvatore Siciliano received his diploma fromt he Susanna Betrami Academie. Previously, he studied piano and painting for many yearsof piano at the Brera Academy of Art .


In 2011, he danced in the Susanna Beltrami Company, in 2012 in the Dagipoli Dance Theatre Company and in 2013 CreArt Teatre and in EditorialBareback by Stephan Herwig . At the same time he made his debut in Greece and Italy with his first production „Atena Nike“.


As an artist Salvatore is defined by its versatility and his focus on detail. His dance art is the result of continuous research that links aesthetic movement with mental drama. The action of the movement will be intensified through a style, art, and a discovery of physicality . He tries to establish connections that go beyond the physical perception or quality, so as to produce emotional and sensual experiences.





Dagmar Spain (Choreographer, actress, dancer) was born in the former Czechoslovakia and studied dance at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt (BFA). She worked with the Bremer Tanztheater until she moved to New York to complete her MFA from the Tisch School of the Arts.


Dagmar lived in New York for 20 years where she founded her company Dance Imprints and participated in many dance and theater productions. Since 2009 she lives in Prague, where she has worked as a choreographer and actress in film, television and stage. www.danceimprints.com.


“What she (Dagmar Spain) has is a keen sense of the variety of human experience and the conviction that it lies at the heart of work for the stage.”  - Toby Tobias, Village Voice, New York





studied art in action at the Academy of Fine Arts in Braunschweig. During her studies, she was involved as a performance artist, actress and choreographer in numerous productions at home and abroad. Among other things, she worked for the Freedom Theatre Jenin in Palestine, the New Butoh and Space Dance Centre Tokyo in Japan and the Artblau Tanzwerkstatt.


Since 2011, Agnetha Jaunich has focused on the interation between movement and space in her work. Her pieces are characterized by a close interaction between the performer and video, lighting and/or room installation. Here, they seek out new ways of connecting different media. In addition to this interdisciplinary approach, Agnetha‘s performances feature a close interaction of performance and dance .


Because of her experiences as an actess, theatrical moments can be found repeatedly in her work. Therefore, every dance movement is preceded by a deep emotion that shows the close connection between the dancer and movement. Through this performative approach various duets, solos and group performances have emerged in recent year.




met during their three-year stage professional dance training at the „Tanzakademie balance1“ in Berlin. During their time at „balance1,“ an artistic connection and personal friendship developed between them.


After the completion of their training in 2013, the two created their first duet „Chapter Three, first phase,“ and presented ut as part of the dance festival „13. Kemptener TANZHerbst".











completed her professional dance training in 2012 from the „Tanzakademie Balance 1“ in Berlin. She is currently working at „Norman Douglas Company“ and „Isabel Gotzkowsky / Crossover Projekt.“


In 2013 she co-founded with Jagna Anderson „impro.per.arts. - Platform for Improvisation & Arts in Action“ (formerly Action Theater Berlin).


In spring 2013 she was assistant to the project „Behind the Gardens“ under the direction of Barbara Schmidt-Rohr and choreographer Isabelle Schad.


Since January 2013, she has been working in different dance schools such as the Tanzbrücke Hamburg e.V. and the Triade Hamburg e.V.



began his training in NYC. His teachers included Lynn Simonson [jazz], Janie Brendel [modern], and Igal Perry [ballet]. He danced with Sue Bernhard Dance Works [NYC], Young Soon Kim Dance Company [NYC], Karen Bernard and the New Dance Alliance [NYC], MTV, Gary Palmer Dance Company [SF], Labayen Dance/SF, and the National Ballet of Peru. Mr. Courage has taught extensively in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. His performance experiences include tours of Europe, Israel, Jordan, New York City, San Francisco, Peru, and Mexico. His 30 years experience as a dancer with many companies include experimental postmodern dance with The New Dance Alliance in NYC (Dance Magazine / Garafola “…Todd Courage (is) an elegant dancer…(his) virtuoso solo bristling with pent-up anger…”), to modern ballet theater with Gary Palmer Dance Company in SF (San Francisco Chronicle / Roca “Best of all was Todd Courage, who projected authority whether with arms akimbo or soaring through space.”), to the more formal expressions of the LAB Project Group/ USA. Mr. Courage has methodically been preparing himself for a career in dance making and is currently artistic director of courage group. He continues to build a diverse repertory of work in San Francisco, California while earning a Masters Degree in the Creative Practice of Dance at St. Mary's College.

Crossover Projekt

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