What is the Crossover Projekt?

The Crossover Projekt‘s main purpose is to build bridges. The project was created after recognizing that young dancers are often not fully equipped to enter the professional world upon completion of their dance training. They often lack the know-how, professional network and financial means  to travel from audition to audition, or lack the courage to simply approach a choreographer they would like to work with.


Likewise, it is often difficult for young choreographers to find the necessary infrastructures to develop their work. The Crossover Projekt is aimed to fulfill the needs of both the choreographers and dancers, therefore creating networks and starting blocks. It provides a platform for these artists to present themselves and their works on stage.


The Crossover Projekt gets divided in two categories: The dancers and the choreographers


In the fall of 2013 we held an audition for dancers to participate and were overwhelmed by the response from dancers from all over German and even the USA, who were interested in participating. We selected a diverse group of 10 dancers, who worked with us from early January until mid-March, creating several new works, which were presented throughout Germany in the spring 2014.


At the same time there was a call for choreographers to participate by either performing a piece of their repertory, or by creating a new piece, working with "our" dancers. Here as well, the response was greater than expected, with choreographers from all over Europe applying to be part of the project. The project aims to give these choreographers (established and emerging) the opportunity to present their work in places they have not been seen before, as well as connecting them with dancers, fellow choreographers and presenters.


Each year we are proud to present new artists, emerging and established as our creative partners. 

In November 2014 we held our audition for the 2015 project and we are happy to announce that for this year we selected 8 dancers from 5 nations. We invited two dancer participants from last year to create work with the dancers this year, therefore nurturing young choreographic talent. In addition we have one returning choreographer and two new guest choreographers rounding the roster of creative partners for 2015.


We plan to continue the project on an annual basis and to accumulate a wide selection of partners, artists, schools and presenters alike.


The Crossover Projekt….

 is currently not receiving funding yet, therefore we are unable to promise rehearsal or performance fees at this time. If you are interested in supporting the project, please write Isabel at crossoverprojekt@gmail.com or give her a call at 0151.23483718.

Rehearsal in August 2015, Photos by Bodo Philipp

Crossover Projekt

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