The Crossover Projekt 2014

in 2014 we were proud to present the following artists as our creative partners:


Tanzkompanie Bo-Komplex (Bonn)

Agnetha Jaunich (Bremerhafen)

Salvatore Siciliano (Italien/Berlin)

Dagmar Spain (New York/Prag)

and our dancers and aspiring choreographers

Nanna Holst (Dänemark) and Ronja Häring (Berlin) with their first Choreografie and

Stefanie Tübinger (Tübingen) with a solo


plus Todd Courage, who's new piece premiered in Prague in September 2014.



The program for 2014 included the following works:


"Points of Departure", by Isabel Gotzkowsky. The first draft and shorter version of this piece was conceived and created in the fall of 2012 in New York, when Gotzkowsky returned to her second home for a project with IGaF, her NY dance company. "Points of Departure" was expanded, reworked and personalized with the Crossover dancers. It reflects on past connections and relationships..... looks back, remembers.


"aufbruch" (Departure) also by Isabel Gotzkowsky, with major creative input from Jon Zimmerman, and including all 9 Crossover female dancers. be at a crossroads, a journey, farewell, new beginnings, expectations. hopes, disappointments, curiosity..... our daily companions, especially during times of change. Encounters with new people, sometimes meaningful, sometimes just fleeting...... those are the themes we are including in this work. The result: un unsettling work, at times chaotic and almost angry, at times surprisingly tender, if only for the briefest moment. A journey into the unkown..... with all its implications.
"es ist wie es ist"  (it is what it is), is a repertory piece by Tanzkompanie bo komplex, set on two Crossover dancers. In „es ist wie es ist“  the two dancers create their own environment. This small island of space becomes a metaphor for the space their relationship occupies, internal and externally. A dancing dialoge ensues.


"The Doors" , created by Salvatore Siciliano, is a short new work created with and four Crossover dancers.
 "The Doors" is inspired by the story of bluebird. The opposing characters of day and night observe, touch and fascinate each other. Both would like to obtain the key to the portal of the world, but we dream at night and exacltly during this time the absurd realities of life, which are created by our minds, become visible.


"Innerer Aufstand" (Inner Turmoil), created  by Agnetha Jaunich, is a short-story for five Crossover dancers. In this work we look at our personal emotional space, the rebellious, quirky  and eccentric part of us. The dancers are searching for and embracing their inner rebel.
Excerpts of "'re in my space" , originally an evenling-length production, created by Dagmar Spain, which premiered in Prague in the fall of 2013.


"chapter three, first phase”,  a short duet and first choreography by and with Crossover dancers Ronja Häring and Nanna Holst


"Antrieb" (Incentive),  a first work and solo by Crossover dancer Stefanie Tübinger
and the new work by Todd Courage, still untitled.




Crossover Projekt

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